ap.setup: Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup

Facing issues while doing Wavlink WiFi extender setup? The information provided here will help. Ap.setup is the default URL that you need to use to log in to the admin portal of the extender on a web browser. From here you can complete the setup process easily.

You can also manage your extender’s settings after logging in when the setup is done. Detailed instructions about the Wavlink setup using ap.setup have been provided on this web page.

What you Require to Do Wavlink Setup?

Know about what exactly you need to get the setup process completed. Here is the list that tells you about the prerequisites for Wavlink set up:

  • Wavlink extender that is running on the default settings
  • Host router or the main gateway
  • A computer or laptop with updated web browser installed
  • The default login password
  • Ethernet cables to connect the devices

How to Perform Wavlink Setup Using ap.setup?

In this section, we will tell you about how you can set up your extender in Repeater mode by accessing ap.setup Wavlink URL on a web browser.

  • Turn the Mode Selector on the extender to the Repeater position.
Turn the Mode Selector on the extender
  • Plug the extender into an available wall outlet. The place that you choose should be near the host router.
  • Turn on your computer next.
  • Ensure that its WiFi is turned on and it is accessing the extender’s network.
  • Launch an updated internet browser on your computer.
  • Input ap.setup in the URL bar of the browser and hit Enter.

Note: The default IP address of the extender can also be used instead of the URL.

  • The login window will pop up.
  • Input the default admin password on the field you see on the login window. FYI, the default password is admin.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • You will find yourself on the Wavlink WiFi extender setup page or the Repeater wizard.
  • Select your host router’s SSID and enter the WiFi password.
  • The next step is to choose an SSID for the extended network.
  • You can opt to have the same SSID as that of the host router or add a new one.
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • Check the WiFi LED on your extender. It should be solid. This means that the connection has been successfully made.

This is how you can complete the extender setup in Repeater mode via ap.setup.

Wavlink Setup: Operating Modes That You can Choose

Apart from the Wireless Repeater mode, you can also use your Wavlink wireless range extender in Wireless AP mode and Router mode.

Wireless Repeater Mode

If you have a large home with multiple walls or you live in a multi-story building, then prefer to use the Wireless Repeater mode on your extender. In this mode, the extender repeats the existing WiFi signal thereby extending the signal coverage and eliminating WiFi dead zones. The extender and the main gateway(router) are connected using WiFi.

Wireless Repeater Mode

Wireless AP Mode

In case you have a wired network and want to convert it to wireless then go for Wireless AP mode on your extender. AP implies the Access Point mode. In this, the extender is connected to a wired network which is further transformed into a wireless network by the device. You can then have access to the WiFi on multiple client devices. The extender and router are connected using an Ethernet cable in this mode.

Wireless AP Mode

Router Mode

When you switch your extender to the Router mode then it works as a regular wireless router. Use this mode if you have internet access from DSL or cable modem which is available only for a single user. By using your extender as a router, more than one user can have access to the network. The extender directly connects to the modem or DSL.

Router Mode

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Ap.setup: Frequently Asked Questions

This is the default and local web address that helps you log in to the web-based management utility of Wavlink extender on a web browser.

Power up your computer or laptop that is connected to the extender network and visit the login URL on a web browser.

The default password for Wavlink extender is admin. You can also refer to the user manual to know what the default password for your extender model is.

Use an updated web browser that is clear of cache and cookies and avoid any typing mistakes while inserting the URL. Make sure that your computer is connected to the extender’s network.

Ensure using the correct setup steps. Reboot your extender and fix all the connections and then try to execute the Wavlink setup process.

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